Absolute Value

Parts Sales

Absolutely, we can get that for you. Through our close relationships with American and European manufacturers Absolute Source is able to provide our extensive list of customers the right part, on time. We understand the piece of equipment in question must be returned to service immediately.

International Finance

This doesn’t have to be difficult. Absolute Source has the ability to invoice in the customer’s local currency. We work diligently to lower the cost of doing business. This is something many of the small businesses we proudly call our partners greatly appreciate.

Parts Inventory and Warehousing

Why wait? Absolute Source maintains a healthy inventory of parts from our key manufacturers to ensure a timely response to cover warranty requirements, as well as important repairs.


What’s an INCOTERM? Absolute Source is experienced in domestic and international shipping requirements. By earth, wind, or water we have you covered.

Warranty Management

International warranty? Who can we trust with that? Absolute Source is familiar with local labor and travel rates, and is experienced in managing the communication and payment for warranty coverage, while accurately processing individual claims directly with the manufacturer and their warranty processing software.


Yes, of course, we are online. We provide parts lists and manuals, chat support, service/maintenance videos, all available 24 hours a day.